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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Richmond Oval Construction Update, October '08, Richmond, BC

Richmond Oval Construction, Olympics 2010 Vancouver, CanadaI thought I would take another look at the Richmond Oval construction project that I wrote about back in March of 2007.

Well, it's coming along. And it's a lot easier to find now, though the sign is not much larger. The building itself is huge.

The cost of building this Olympic venue has now tripled. And a major portion of the roof now needs replacing due to some nasty growth of fungi and algae. I'm not kidding. Apparently the roof was actually completed in January of this year, and the project was called "on budget". Well, that shows you what some mold can do to your day.

In April, it was reported that the building would open in autumn. Nope. It's October, and not open yet. Still a lot of big machinery and dirt and where-is-the-parking-lot? going on. Promises. I was taught as a wee child that it's not nice to lie. One must always tell the truth no matter the consequences.

But I have to say the building itself is beautiful, as is the setting. Right along the Fraser River. Whenever this project actually gets finished, without taking into account the enormous costs to us tax payers ( and our grandchildren-tax payers and their children) for years to come, it will be a world class venue.

I purposely never drove home via the parts of Vancouver where the homeless are living on the streets. It's cold in Vancouver right now, and I can't help but think of how nice and dry it is inside this building. And the money that is being spent to get rid of algae.