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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Richmond Oval Construction (Part 2) Richmond, BC, Canada

2010 Olympics, Richamond Oval Venue, Richmond, BC, Canada This is the construction site of the Richmond Oval, one of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic venues. Those are apartment buildings in the background. The big ones. The foreground is the Richmond Oval. Somewhere.

It's situated on a beautiful spot along the Fraser River in Richmond, BC. Right along a dyke that lots of people use to enjoy rural urbanization. Lots of birds and nature here. For now.

I understand there is supposed to be a "waterfront park, plaza and parking structure" included in this venue. Wonder where they are going to put all that. Go figure.

I understand this one particular venue is going to cost $178 million. And both the Canadian and British Columbia governments are generously donating $30 million apiece.

It's been a long time since I was in math class. But let's do the numbers. 30 x 2 = 60. $60 million. Nice of them. Taxpayers dollars and all.

But $178 million - $60 million = $118 million. I think my math is right. I could be wrong. So that's another $118 million dollars from where ..... I didn't get that part about which government was going to fund the rest. I think my pocket is starting to hurt.

I understand this project is scheduled to open in 2008. Here is that messy math problem again. Okay, the press release didn't exactly say when in 2008, just "the fall." Go figure.

I read a press release that said this construction started in 2005. Honest. Well, it did start in the fall. Go figure.

I have a headache from all this math.