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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best Places to See in BC, Little Harrison Lake

Another one of my all time favorite places to see in
British Columbia is Little Harrison Lake.
I have been on a quest to photograph as much
of the Douglas Trail in BC that remains.
Part of that history is Port Douglas.

Little Harrison Lake connects to Harrison Lake
via a channel and was navigated by steamboat
during the Gold Rush in the 1850's.
Gold prospectors and miners would ply their way from
New Westminster up the Fraser River to
Harrison River, across Harrison Lake to
Port Douglas. Then began their overland journey.
The tenacity and endurance of these
early settlers of our province is astounding.
Today this area seems remote and is, undeniably,
wildly beautiful.
In the 1850's it must have seemed
daunting and dangerous.

I can only imagine what those early gold seekers
felt as they navigated their way through this land of
eagles and waterfalls, mountain lakes
and the ultimate in natural beauty.


Unknown said...

Karen, As you say, it must of been an awful grind, especially the inland parts. Bad enough walking, let alone all the gear they would have be slugging along with them!

Bunky said...

Hi Karen

I'm in awe again of your photographs. I have all the technical skills to take good fotos but alas, I'm lacking your eye, the balance, the framing, the drama. Is this latest creation HDR (is it polite to ask)?? I wish I could see it larger, your photo is so tiny on my browser for my aged eyes. Is it purposely small for copyright purposes? Bunky

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Robin .. yes the packs were enormous and heavy. Some of the prospectors even rode bicycles with no tires to make their journey "easier" .. amazing indeed.

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Bunky ... the blogs allow a 400px image which seems to be just right for getting several postings on one page. I make them small and 72 dpi, since, in the past, I have had almost every image "stolen" off of this site. More than once. Believe it or not. I love what I do on here and won't stop because of that, though. Glad you are enjoying your walk through the Boots site!

Jon said...

Really like that shot :)

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Jon, it's a gorgeous place.