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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Places to See in BC, Tipella

Tipella, British Columbia
sits at the northern
end of Harrison Lake. An incredibly beautiful
location with Coast Mountains as back drop
to the Lillooet River gently flowing
into Harrison Lake.
One of the tributaries of the Lillooet River
is Meager Creek, which came to
the worlds attention last year when
a catastrophic landslide
forced the evacuation of many people.
I don't think Mother Nature is very
happy with us for damming her creeks and rivers.
She has a way of eventually fighting back, and
slowly, sometimes dramatically,
regaining what man has taken for himself.
For now, this area is quiet, and the beauty and
charm of this area continues to enchant and enthrall me.


Unknown said...

Karen, ha, another place I've never heard of! Sounds like my kind of place! Quiet being the operative word!

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Robin. It's a gorgeous location for sure, I have just discovered this area, too, on my quest to document the Douglas Trail portion of the whole Gold Rush era. Fascinating history.