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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Upper Saddle Mountain, BC

The Kootenay's region of
British Columbia has fast become
one of my favorite places to photograph.
After departing the Needles Ferry across
Lower Arrow Lake, the
mountain views become more
and more dramatic.
Exploring here during the winter
awards you more treats than you
can possibly digest in a few hours.

The vistas are simply stunning. Snow and fog
envelope the mountains in cloaks of down.
And give us glimpses of
their tree clad sheer faces. You could
honestly spend all day looking at one mountain,
the mists change constantly and add a feeling
of mystery to the whole experience.
Saddle Mountain and Upper Saddle Mountain
lie south of Nakusp, and the hike
up Saddle Mountain to the lookout offers spectacular
views of the Arrow Lakes.

Mother Nature never fails to impress
and surprise me, usually at the same time.


Dawn said...

Now that is one spectacular...Room with a View!!

Chris said...

Saddle Mountain is a great hike!