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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Places to Visit in BC, Slocan Lake

The Slocan region of British Columbia's
Kootenay district is steeped in history.
Known as the "Silvery Slocan" this
region was part of the silver rush during the
1890's to 1900's.
The Slocan River drains Slocan Lake,
which flows through the Slocan Valley
and in turn meets the Kootenay River a few miles
above the confluence of the Columbia River.
I know, it's confusing. The map here might help
Once you visit this area it all starts to make
perfect sense.
During the 1940's, Canadian
people of Japanese descent were
interred in the north end of the
Slocan Valley. Amongst them
was David Suzuki.

Valhalla Provincial Park lies to the west of
Slocan Lake. The Valhalla Range offers incredible
mountain vistas and scenery.
With the abundance of wild life,
drop dead scenery, and even
ghost towns,
the Slocan Valley could take a lot
of further exploring on my part.


Unknown said...

Karen, now your definitely im my old stomping grounds. We lived just down the road in South Slocan. Still have lots of friends there! It's a great place to live!

Dawn said...

Did someone forget to bring the pier in for the winter?:)
Looks very chilly. And beautifully peaceful!