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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top Places to Visit in British Columbia, Kelowna

One of the top places to visit in
British Columbia is Kelowna.

Kelowna sits on the shores of Okanagan Lake
in the Okanagan Valley region of
British Columbia.
Kelowna means "grizzly bear" in the
Nsyilxcan language.
Lake Okanagan is the
home of the Ogopogo.
Be it fact or fiction, everyone loves
a great monster mystery.

Also home of the William R. Bennett
bridge, it is only one of eight floating bridges
in the world, and the only of of its kind
in Canada.
Made of pontoons and fixed structures,
this bridge truly is a thing of beauty.

I wonder what the Ogopogo thinks
of the new pontoons.


Dawn said...

I love Kelowna.... Try to get there every year.
As a kid I always used to be on the lookout for the I just realize he wants to stay hidden;)