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Monday, March 14, 2011

Top Places to Explore in British Columbia, Myra Canyon

One of my top places to visit and explore in BC
is Myra Canyon.

I wasn't able to cycle the Myra Canyon
Kettle Valley Railway route last summer.
Life got busy and time just slipped away.
Fortunately, on my latest trip through the
Okanagan Valley, I had a chance to visit
this amazing place.
If this is the only site you mange to visit
when you are in the Okanagan, you won't be
Not only are the views from this historic site
spectacular, the idea that they were built
in the 1880's and then rebuilt after
a devastating fire in 2003
destroyed many of the trestles
is astounding. Human ingenuity
never fails to amaze me.

I can't wait to get back to this area
and do some more exploring. The photo
opportunities are endless. Picking a single
image to represent what I saw and felt
is impossible. One of those
experiences in life.


Dawn said...

Love this bit of history running through the valley! Hope you get to go explore...Hope I can go explore:)
My uncle lives out there and took me through a segment of it...amazing!
Great post!
Can't wait to see your summer pictures of this area:)

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Dawn. Hope you get to get out that way and have a few adventures, it's incredibly beautiful.