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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monashee Mountains, BC

Monashee Mountains, British Columbia, Must See Destinations in British Columbia, Canada

The Monashee Mountains are part
of the Central Columbia
Mountain Range
in British Columbia.
Like most people, I have trouble
trying to understand the boundaries
of the various mountain ranges, districts, and areas.
Where do the Kootenays start exactly?
Are the Monashees part of the Kootenays?
Leaving the confusing details behind,
the Monashee's are beautiful.
In the wintertime, they are a treat for Mother Nature
I've never seen a mountain I didn't like. The Monashee's
are no exception and offer the adventurer
trails, parks, peaks, rivers and creeks
galore to explore and experience.

Located between Vernon and Revelstoke,
Monashee Summit is accessible by car along
Highway 6.
Taking a tour through the Kootenays
should definitely include a look at the Monashees.


Unknown said...

Karen, that is a great area for exploring. We lived up there for a few years. The lakes and rivers and mountains kept me in awe!

Dawn said...

"I have never seen a mountain I didn't like" either!
I could wander for years and enjoy every step.:)