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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mt Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island, BC

Mt. Arrowsmith is the highest
mountain on Southern Vancouver Island at 1817 meters,
or 5962 feet for those of us who think
in Imperial measures.

The Somass River flows gently along
her icy way to the Alberni Inlet
in the above photo. Bald headed eagles
were warily scanning the river for their next meal
while seals splashed and dove in the frigid water
as I watched enthralled and thrilled to be able
to share a moment in
the cycle of life here.

I can't explain what it
is about this area of Vancouver Island
that continues to draw me back time
and time again. It abounds in a
natural beauty that is beyond mere words.
To experience it for yourself is
up there on the Bucket List of
life's things to do. An honour
and privilege shared by many,
and understood by few.

I went on a journey of
discovery. In the end, the
island was discovering me.


Unknown said...

Wonderful shot and wonderful sentiments! I have a couple of spots like that too! And also fine a lot of the Island very alluring!

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Robin.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!
For the record, mt arrowsmith is not the highest mtn on the island. It is not actually in the top ten either. The golden hinde is the tallest.

Karen Cooper said...

Thank you for the information, I stand corrected! I should have said Mr Arrowsmith is the tallest mountain on Southern Vancouver Island.