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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Golden Ears, British Columbia

The Blanchard massif, which consists of
Golden Ears, Edge Peak and Blanchard Needle
(from west to east respectively) is commonly
known in the Lower Mainland as Golden Ears.
Whatever you choose to call her, in today's
photo, she is seen in a glorious coat of fresh snow
shining in all her splendor.

Every once in awhile Mother Nature
comes along and totally floors
you with her jaw gaping beauty.
After what seems like weeks of wet, rainy,
grey British Columbia weather,
the last 2 days have been overwhelmingly
I saw many people looking up in amazement
at the freshly snow covered mountains with a backdrop
of crisp blue skies that faded to a spectacular pink and mauve

No doubt it's cold in Vancouver, minus 3 Celsius for us is not the norm.
But who would trade these to-die-for mountain views with the
night skies' Milky Way just a hands reach away
for anywhere else on earth.

With the long range forecast for clear skies
and sunshine, I can only imagine
what other adventures Mother Nature
has in store.


Stephanie V said...

So beautiful. I used to see this mountain change with the seasons when I was a kid. Nowadays, I can see Grouse and Seymour. Mountains are never very far away here.

Unknown said...

Thank you, I didn't know them by any other name than Golden Ears! They have been spectacular this past couple of days. I posted a photo of them yesterday too!
We certainly live in a beautiful part of the country! (When you can actually see it!)