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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Derby Reach Regional Park, Langley, BC

Derby Reach Regional Park
in Langley, British Columbia,
sits on the original site of the Fort Langley
trading post.
There are black cottonwood trees
located in the park, which you can
enjoy on your Fort-to-Fort Trail walk or cycle,
along with some pretty spectacular views of the
Golden Ears peaks.
I've been told that the road along Derby Reach
Park, Allard Crescent, is the oldest existing road
in British Columbia.
You can well imagine the people from the past
slowly wandering along this road in paradise,
taking in the views and dreaming of the
plentiful life to come.
With the sounds of songbirds and the whisper
of wind through the cottonwoods,
you are also transported back in time to
dream your own dreams.



Unknown said...

It is indeed a lovely spot. We go there fairly regularily alond with the Fort. I find it very easy to imagine what it was like back in the days gone by!