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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Record High Temperatures in Vancovuer, British Columbia for July 7th, 2010

Record high temperatures
hit Vancouver and the Lower Mainland today.

After what seems like weeks of being
under water with grey skies, rain and cold weather,
the sun is a very welcome respite.
The forecast is for even warmer temperatures
during the week, peaking on the weekend.
The city of Squamish reached a
sizzling 35.0 C today.
For the Fahrenheit people, that
is 95 F.
Toasty to say the least.
White Rock surpassed it's old record for
high temperatures dating back to 1929.

Time for a nice cold brewskie or two.
I think I'll put my feet in the tub of ice that
are cooling them off. Who cares about
social niceties.


Unknown said...

It's either feast or famine around here, isn't it!
Got up to 34 in Aldergrove today.

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Robin .. I know ... the jump from 50 F to 90 F takes a bit of getting used to. My eyebrows are sweating!

Adayak said...

We've been getting killed on the east coast too with temps pushing 100 F. But living in Florida, I'm used to it.