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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Othello Tunnels, Kettle Valley Railway, Hope, BC, Canada

The Othello Tunnels near
Hope, BC, Canada
has been on my "to get to" list
for quite some time now.
The whole story of the Kettle Valley Railway
and the heroic feat of its construction is both
fascinating and intriguing.
At the Othello Tunnels site, Andrew McCulloch
faced some nearly impossible challenges in
construction. When you actually see
this area for yourself, the up close and
open jaw gaping kind of seeing, you can
appreciate the sheer will and determination
of human spirit that the engineers must have had.
To survey the canyon, they were lowered in small
woven baskets over the edges of the cliffs. Honest, I don't make
this information up.
Even now, looking up along the pathway to the cliff tops is
heart stopping.

And the road along the old railway lines is beckoning me.
I feel an adventure coming on.


Stephanie V said...

I'm always intrigued by the Shakespearean connection when travelling up there. It's rugged adventuring country, for sure.
Should be a joy.

Unknown said...

Ah, you found another one of my favorite places. We lived in Hope for awhile and we liked going there. That was before it was cleaned up the way it is now.
The tunnels always amaze me. The effort to cross those gorges and cut through that rock was monumental!

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Stephanie ... can't wait to get started on it.

Karen Cooper said... lived up there? What a paradise! I have to say the tunnels awed me, I had no idea they were so ..big..and the section they were cut through the mountain is beyond words, I really think people need to see this for themselves. Incredible place.

Susan said...

Came across your blog by your link on the BC Bloggers site.
I have been to most of the Vancouver area places you have listed here, but a few I have not and now you have me wanting to get my own boots on to see them for myself.. Love your blog, great idea. I will be back to see if you have somewhere to tell me about that would be new to me.