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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paralympic Opening Ceremonies, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I've stepped outside of my normal
postings to share an event
I attended last night.
The lighting of the Paralympic Flame
for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games
took place at BC Place Stadium,
in Vancouver, BC, Canada
March 12, 2010.

It was an awe inspiring,
emotional, heart wrenching,
and joyful extravaganza all wrapped into one evening.
You have to walk away soul-moved from
an experience like this.

The Paralympic Games are taking place from
March 12 to March 21, 2010
here in Vancouver.

The personal stories of the athletes that
are attending these games
nothing short of inspirational.
Rick Hansens' graciousness and
humanity towards all human beings
is overwhelming.
I can only image the stories of those that were
not able to attend, and have the dream to one day
be amongst the ones that can walk into a stadium
filled with thousands of fans and admirers
of the strength and tenacity of the human soul.

Sometimes, mere words do not convey
the true meaning of what life
should be about.


Unknown said...

From the angle of you photo, it looks like you were close to where my daughter and son-in-law were sitting. They were quite impressed with it all also
Great sentiments!