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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heat Wave in British Columbia, Canada July 2009

Stave Lake in British Columbia, Canada
is another man made lake located
in the Fraser Valley Region of the province.
With her crystal clear waters, mountain
backdrops, and several km's of jaw gaping
hiking trails, she surely has something to please

She is also a mecca for
all ages trying to escape the heat
wave in BC.
With temperatures in the high 30's C, or
for those of you that think in Fahrenheit, it's,well, it's hot.
Nice hot, though.
It wasn't too many months
ago that we were digging out
from a record snowfall here in British Columbia.

We humans seem to be very fragile when
it comes to temperatures.
Something we have little control over,
unless its billowing out of car vents.

And this is even before we
talk about last nights spectacular
lightening storm here in British Columbia.

Made me stop right in my tracks and just stare in wonder.

I can hear Mother Nature giggling at us now.


Stephanie V said...

Wasn't the storm amazing? It's not always good to live in such interesting times - there are folks who suffer. But, if we can find ways to enjoy nature, it must be better than fighting her.

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Stephanie!

Petunia Pill said...

This image is magnificent! I followed your link to your blog from your Flickr profile page. I just finished looking at all of the images you have in Flickr. Your world is BEAUTIFUL! Very enjoyable photostream...and I'm enjoying your blog as well!

Karen Cooper said...

Thank you so much valover .. glad you are enjoying my little piece of the world. :)