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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Record HIgh Temperatures for British Columbia, Canada July 29, 2009

No doubt about it. Vancouver is in the midst of
record breaking high temperatures.
39 Celcius at the Vancouver Airport yesterday.
That's not even factoring in the humidex.
Humidex is both temperature and humidity
added together, since the temperature
isn't the only thing to make you feel
sticky. The humidity is sure
to give the old sweat glands
a good work out.

This is not good news for the forest fires
raging across the province.
The fire hazard is running on "extreme"
right now.

No kidding.

I've decided I like my fan.
"Minimizing energy use"
doesn't relate to them.
Or air conditioners.

I'm not even going to start
looking at the air quality.

I think my fan is calling me again.


Unknown said...

Up to 39 degrees out here in the valley this afternoon. Don't think it was quite that high yesterday. Air quality is terrible. The haze is right down to the ground.
We are on strict water restrictions as well.
B.C. weather, always a wonder!

Heather said...

Bring the heat to Ontario! All we have had is rain, although 39's a bit much. Stay cool.

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Robin and Heather. Well, its official, I am melting. :)

S-V-H said...

I heard about the heat wave in the North... I'm glad you have a fan :)
Stay cool!


Sue's Daily Photography

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Susanne. I now have a close personal relationship with my fan!!

John S. (TCPC) said...

I quite like the fan option. One of the best ways to keep reasonably cool is to install a large, good quality ceiling fan in one's bedroom. This combined with an inexpensive Hampton Bay fan unit that is designed to sit within the window frame enables a reasonable night's sleep.

Karen Cooper said...

Hi John, great suggestion, thanks!