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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best Places to See in BC - Mt. Robson

The highest point in the
Canadian Rockies is Mt. Robson.
Standing at 3,954 m (12,972 ft) high,
Mt. Robson is located in Mt. Robson Provincial Park.

The summit of Mt. Robson is usually
obscured by clouds, and indeed
after 3 separate trips to
get a glimpse of this rare sight,
I did get lucky early one

I've never met a mountain I didn't like,
and the view of Mt. Robson from
the Yellowhead Highway is pretty spectacular.
She's just ..... big.
I can only imagine what other secrets
her various faces hold,
as she is considered
one of the truly great
mountains to climb.

I'm happy taking in the views from