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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best Places to See in BC - Blessing's Grave

Best Places to See in BC - Blessings Grave Provincial Historic Site

BC's smallest provincial historic site
is Blessing's Grave.
Located along the Gold Rush route,
Blessing's Grave is located
at Kilometer 43 on Highway 26
between Quesnel and Barkerville.

The Honourable Mr. Justice
Matthew Bailie Begbie
known as BC's Hanging Judge,
found James Barry
guilty of the murder of
Charles Morgan Blessing.
On August 9, 1867
Barry was hanged
in Richfield.

BC's Gold Rush era
is full of legends and tales,
historic sites and gritty real life history.
Exploring the trials and trails
of the pioneers of the past
is both fascinating and certainly
an eye opener to
what the human spirit endured
in search of fame and fortune.


Unknown said...

I'm behind in your posts. Glad to see you are out and about in our beautiful country. I think that's quite brave of you, considering the season!
Keep warm!

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Robin -- I wanted to finish documenting the Gold Rush Trail in 2011 so I can start something new this year. It's gorgeous in the snowy winter months but not a lot of parks, etc are open. Always make another trip in the spring or fall.
Hope you are doing well.