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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Places to See in BC - Tunkwa Provincial Park

Best Places to See in BC - Tunkwa Provincial Park
One of the most spectacular range land settings
in BC is the Thompson Plateau.
Tunkwa Provincial Park lies within this region
and offers beautiful open grassland, bogs, ponds, lakes and
big big skies. I never get tired of the sagebrush
and tumbleweeds here, summer or winter they
are indicative of this truly magnificent part of
British Columbia's landscape.

Nestled between the towns of Logan Lake and Savona
Tunkwa Provincial Park has some of the best
rainbow trout fishing in the province. Ice fishing
aficionados abound here in the winter months
when the lake is frozen over a foot deep
and the winds can make you dream
of fireplaces and hot toddies.

I've heard there's a herd of wild horses here.
Though this trip I wasn't lucky enough to
see them, I hear they are alive and
well and wintering the high plains
with plush coats
and wild spirits.

I think I heard their whinnies
in the wind ...
maybe it was the spirit of the plains and plateaus
of this wild and majestic region.


Unknown said...

Karen, that's a lovely part of the country! I really do like the open range! My I would love to see a herd of wild horses. What a wonderful thing to contemplate.