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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday, January 20, 2012

Best Places to See in BC - Barkerville

Billy Barker
struck gold on
August 17, 1862 near present day Barkerville.
The town of Barkerville was born to meet the demand of
other gold and dream seekers who
came to BC in search of fame and fortune.

My quest to research
British Columbia's Gold Rush
history and the men and women who
contributed to it's richly interwoven
history led me finally to Barkerville.

The Barkerville area of British Columbia
is an adventure unto itself to explore and enjoy.
The Gold Rush history of our province is evident everywhere.
Town and city names, streets and highways
bear the name of past explorers and adventures.

I can only imagine the hardships the
pioneer's of the past endured in their journey
this far north with only pick axe's and dreams of adventure.
The terrain can be brutal in the winter.
Snow and winds drive even the hardiest indoors
for months at a time.

Billy Barker was the Gold Rush's dream come true.
His mine produced over 37,000 ounces of gold.
In today's market that would be roughly
40 million dollars. Billy Barker's wildest dreams
came true.

Today the town is restored and can be visited
even during the winter months. I wanted to experience
what the pioneers would have endured during the
worst times of the winter. Barkerville did not
disappoint me.

Today with the aid of snow tires,
heated seats and 4 wheel drive vehicles,
it's hard to imagine the same journey by mule or horseback
along switchbacks and winding windswept passes.

British Columbia.
The land of adventure.