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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sandon, BC

Sandon is located on highway 31A
between New Denver and Kaslo
in the Kootenays region of British Columbia.
She was known as the Monte Carlo of
North America in the 1890's silver mining
era, with 28 saloons, 3 breweries
and 29 hotels.
Sandon has an interesting past,
and an even more intriguing present.
She was nearly destroyed - twice, once by fire in 1900,
once by a wash out in 1955.
Later, Sandon had to endure treasure hunters
and artifact seekers who successfully dismantled
most of the community.

During WW II Sandon interrned over 1,000

Since 1970, volunteers have been working to
restore Sandon to reflect her glorious past.
Over 60,000 visitors a year come
to see a part of British Columbia's history.
Set amongst the Selkirk Mountains, she is
regal and elegant.

I spent several hours exploring Sandon in a raging
snow storm, which only added to the mystery.
I think I heard the distant
tinkle of a harpsicord being played.
Or was it only the wind in the trees?
I will return to discover more
of her secrets.


Dawn said...

Sounds like a very mysterious and haunting lovely place.
That Is QUITE the number of saloons and hotels! Party place I bet:)