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Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Places to Visit in Vancouver, Burns Bog

One of the best places to visit in Vancouver is
Burns Bog.
I became intrigued with bogs after visiting the
Shorepine Bog in the Pacific Rim National Park
on Vancouver Island.
What struck me the most about both of these bogs
was how clear and fresh the air seems to be.
You can feel it with every breath, it's just ...
clean. Crisply clean, you have to experience it
to understand the feeling.

Burns Bog covers about 40 sq kms, or about
one quarter of the district municipality of Delta.
Burns Bog contains 24 species of mammals and
150 species of birds, and is a domed peat bog.
Amazing life within our city.
The light filtering through the trees
gave Burns Bog a feeling of primordial eeriness
the day I was there. Totally beautiful and definitely
worthy of several return trips to catch her
in all her seasons and moods.
I am hooked.


Unknown said...

Karen, thanks for the suggestion! I've never been there but have been meaning to go for a long time!