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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sproat Lake Petroglyph's

Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island
is home to some pretty impressive
These ancient rock carvings fascinate me,
the minds and hands that created them
hold an almost mystical charm.
The petroglyph's I visited in
Nicaragua are also assumed
to represent sea creatures, some
more strange and exotic looking than the next.

The ancient's way of showing us
the animals and people
that inhabited their world
are slowing fading with the effects of time.
Fortunately, photography offers a more
permanent record of these carvings.

But nothing can replace seeing
them in their own environment
with the primordial cry of an eagle echoing
off the rocks.


Unknown said...

Wow, very interesting! Certainly make you think, doesn't it! Will you and I leave such an impression on the future! Hmmm!

Karen Cooper said...

I hope we are recording images now that others will look back on in wonder and awe.

You can never take too many pictures said...

Oh How I Loved Sproat Lake, my 2 daughters and I were travelling across the island to Tofino and we came across the Lake by accident. it was a gorgeous spot to picnic and so private that the girls decided to take a tip....I never saw a pebble beach before....but the view was I long to return to BC and discover more of her breathtaking beauty.....I hope you can take a peak at my site and discover our beauty here in Central Ontario Canada...