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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great Central Lake, BC

Great Central Lake in
British Columbia is located
approx. 16 kms northwest of Port Alberni
along the Pacific Rim Highway.
I admit to knowing very little about
this beautiful Vancouver Island lake before
I started exploring the area.
In typical Canadian fashion, Great Central
Lake does not have flashing neon billboards pointing
the way to her. She is marked simply
by a sign along the Pacific Rim Highway, Great
Central Lake Road.
And great she is.
Home to numerous kinds of fish including
steelhead trout, she is also the
starting point for hikers
accessing Della Falls.
Della Falls is the highest waterfall in

In 1899 prospector and trapper Joe Drinkwater,
named the falls after his wife Della.
Apparently Joe did some mining near the falls, and
there is evidence of an aerial tramway that he
built still in existence.
I know, an amazing adventure waiting
to be had. I'm on it.

The weather was cold and frosty when I was here,
and thoughts of kayaking along the
lake and hiking to Della Falls in
spring fill my inner sense of adventure
and discovery.


Unknown said...

Definitely sounds like place to re-visit. I have a few places stored away in my mind for when the weather turns a bit nicer.