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Monday, November 8, 2010

Adam's River Salmon Run, British Columbia

One of the top spots in British Columbia
for viewing the Sockeye salmon run
is the Adam's River.
The sight of millions of the beautiful
red and green Sockeye salmon
fighting mightily to gain the upriver
advantage over each other is
almost overwhelming.
This year the salmon run was broke all kinds of records.
Though I missed seeing the main run,
the sheer numbers of Sockeye spawning
during the month of November left me in no doubt
about the records being broken this year.
Sadly, the salmon die here after they
have braved the ocean and river hazards
to return to their home waters to lay their eggs.

I was able to get up close and personal
with one Sockeye in particular, I honestly believe
we made eye contact.
I admit to feeling awe and sadness all at
the same time for these beautiful
fish that have braved so many dangers in
a world that is seldom understanding
nor forgiving.

Map of the Adam's River
area can be found on this link.