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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adam's River, BC

Another one of my favorite travel destinations
in British Columbia is the Adam's River.
The Adams' River is one of the most
important areas in British Columbia
for sockeye salmon spawning.
Adam's River is located
a few minutes drive past Chase, BC,
and well worth the trip from Vancouver.
The whole area is steeped in history
and charm, natural beauty and
jaw gaping scenery.
The Adam's River was named
after Secwepemc First Nation's Chief
Sel-Howt-Ken, who was christened
by Catholic missionaries.

I had long anticipated my journey to the Adam's River,
the mystery of the sockeye salmon run
this year in BC has become something for the
history books to write about.

I was not prepared for the sheer impact
that Mother Nature had in store for me.
I think you could spend a lifetime in this area and barely
glimpse the treasures that await you.
The moody skies and changing weather patterns
this time of year are magical.

The scenery - other worldly.


Unknown said...

I've never been up to that neck of the woods. I imagine you should have been able to walk across on the backs of salmon with the size of this years run!