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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Exploring the Gold Rush Trail - Lillooet, BC

Lillooet, BC, is considered to be
Mile 0 of the Cariboo Wagon Trail.
I had originally assumed that the Gold Rush
Trail started somewhere near Hope or Lytton, or
perhaps even New Westminster.
Certainly there are names that you could associate with the Trail
in all of those cities, Cariboo Road, Prospect Point
and Smugglers Cove being amongst them.
History is full of twists and turns and
convolutions that need sorting out in ones mind to
make sense of the big picture.
I now come to think of the Gold Rush in
British Columbia as the "Gold Rush Adventure."

The actual Gold Rush in B.C. started in 1858, the Cariboo
Wagon Trail
was constructed by the Royal Engineers from
1861 onwards.

Many hope filled prospectors landed in Victoria, New Westminster, or any number
of way points along the way.
They needed to find provisions and supplies to make
the arduous journey into the gold fields of Barkerville, and these
cities met their needs.

Lillooet became the first major stopping point
for the prospectors on their journeys to the gold fields.
Water navigation was possible to ports like
Yale and Port Douglas, after that, it was
the overland routes.

It seems that the actual "Gold Rush Trail"
is not was I have originally perceived it to be.
The "Trail" is actually several different routes,
pathways, wagon tracks, and roads to adventure that
the original prospectors used.