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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Monday, September 20, 2010

Exploring the Gold Rush Trail - The Fraser Canyon

You cannot come away from any exploration
of the Gold Rush Trail unchanged.
The staggering vistas of sagebrush and
broken dreams, tales of heroism
and folly are enough to engender
a new appreciation for both Mother Nature and
the human spirit.

Both men and women were drawn to this area
for the promise of unlimited wealth and riches.
Many hundreds would settle along the route to
establish roadhouses, dance halls, farming communities,
cattle ranches and supply lines for the Gold Rush contenders.
They literally changed the face of the land.

To fully understand this time in our provinces' history,
I needed to see and understand the land.
As a photographer,
I have been drawn to the essence of the land,
its spirit,
and what it means to the people who live on it and with it.

The Fraser Canyon is as vast as it is beautiful.
The Fraser River plunges through the
ancient rocks of the Coast Mountains,
creating a myriad of canyons and gorges.
She is completely awe inspiring.
Hanging on the verge
of sheer drop offs with your knees turning watery from
vertigo, Gold Fever seems a far distant


Unknown said...

I have often thought about what it must have been like in that area at the time of the rush. They certainly were brave and enduring people!