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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nicomen Slough, British Columbia, Canada

Nicomen Slough is another one
of British Columbia's almost-hidden treasures.
Besides providing a spawning ground
for salmon, Nicomen also hosts
trumpeter swans in the winter.
Nicomen Slough is part of the Norrish Creek
waterway. Which in turn all flow into
the Fraser River, and into the
Pacific Ocean.
I've only wandered part of the Nicomen
ecosystem today. The winds are biting cold,
but the blue skies and sunshine are more than
inviting. The "arctic outflow" that
the weathermen promised us is definably here.
I wonder how the swans keep warm.


india flint said...

and a very happy Christmas time to you too, Boots!
all the best

Doug said...

This one makes me want to jump in my canoe!