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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sandy Island Provincial Marine Park, B.C., Canada

Sandy Island Provincial Marine Park
is situated in the Gulf Islands of
British Columbia, Canada.

You need to get here by boat, which is part
of the adventure.
I can't even begin to describe the beauty here.
Her essence is raw and untouched.
Winds sweep across
the grasses and caress
you with the taste of sea salt.
Birds by the hundreds swoop and
play in the tides, crabs scuttle
around your feet as you carefully
step around them, not
wanting to harm a single living thing
in this Eden.
I never spent nearly enough
time here, and I feel
her spirit is calling me back.
Something I can't ignore.

A special place on earth
that Mother Nature chooses,
for some reason, to share with
the few who are lucky enough to touch her.


Unknown said...

Oh, such wonderful excursions you have. I envy you!

Heather said...

beautiful picture, really draws you in.

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Robin and Heather.

Plane Jayne said...

Wow what a beautiful picture! Do you mind me asking what lens you use for this photo?
Thanks for sharing such beautiful work.


Karen Cooper said...
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Karen Cooper said...

Hi Jayne, thanks for your comment. I used a Sigma 10-20 mm wide angle lens.

Plane Jayne said...

Thanks for sharing the info! Have a great day!