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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crystal Falls, British Columbia, Canada

The trail along upper Coquitlam River
in Port Coquitlam, B.C.
wanders amongst large
fir trees, a symphony
of birdsong, and the soothing
sounds of river water.
It's an easy 45 minute
hike to the falls, which tumbles
and splashes its way to
join nearby Coquitlam River.
The falls are actually part of
Pritchett Creek, and if you can
manage the mountain goat like
clamber up the hill besides the main falls,
you will be delighted to find 2 smaller falls.
I'm not sure if the smaller ones have
names. I decided to name them
Peace and Serenity respectively.
Well worth the time spent to get here,
Crystal Falls represents a closeness
to Mother Nature in the midst of the
rush and hub bub of the city.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and easy hike, walking along the river most of the way. Lots of berries to pick and beautiful views of the Coquitlam River. Great to have a trail like this right in the city'w backyard!

Lonely said...

Can't move around much at the mo' but have thoroughly enjoyed many months traipsing around your web-site. Some fantastic scenery seen from my armchair. When fit again, I too have some boots that were made for walking and, with luck, one day I shall visit across the pond and see some of these fantastic vista's for real.

Thanks for sharing and may your boots continue to take you onwards to new adventures.