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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

National Zoo of Nicaragua

I recently spent an enjoyable day at the National Zoo of Nicaragua, the Parqueo Zoologica Nicaragua.

There is a very impressive butterfly enclosure there. I don't know a lot about butterflies, but I like the names they've been given. Hairstreaks and brushfoots, monarchs and glasswings. The longer I walked among their serene beauty, the more I wanted to learn about them.

Some butterflies actually migrate. Monarch butterflies are capable of making transatlantic crossing. The Glasswing butterfly has see-through wings.

I also learnt that butterflies display lekking behaviour. I know, I had to look that one up myself. Lekking is where a group of males, usually the same ones, get together, usually in the same place, to show off for the purpose of attracting a beautiful mate. Kind of like your local trendy coffee shops. Man imitating nature. I might leave the classical lek and exploding lek behaviour for another post. I'm still trying to stop laughing from this one.


Brenda said...

I just found your blog through Blog Catalog and am really enjoying the diversity of the photos and information you share here. Our universe is fo full of wonder, not just in the big things (ie., Grand Canyon, Nigara Falls), but the little things that make us look closer, too ... and I think you do a wonderful job in exposing those smaller things!