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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lake Peten Itza, Peten, Guatemala

Lake Peten Itza is on the road to Tikal, Peten, Guatemala. I'm not sure if many people that go to Tikal realize that this beautiful gem is just waiting for you to take a refreshing dip or just sit and enjoy the almost unbelivable Caribbean colours.

I spent almost a week here exploring her secrets. There used to be fresh water crocodiles living here, sadly they are gone now. But the local people remember the "time of the crocodiles" with almost mythical memory. In the middle of the Peten jungle that is not hard to envision.

There are several small towns dotting the shores of the lake. All sleepy and slow in the jungle heat, and alive with life forms of different kinds. Birds so many as to remain a constant background of a cacaphony. Insects bigger than most humming birds.

Turtles and fish in the lake still dance to the rythms of time.

It seeps into your marrow and fills your soul with the timeless life of the jungle. And a refreshing dip into the lake watching the heat lightening displays at night are something out of a fairy tale.

I am hooked.


Cheryl said...

Fresh water crocodiles? Sounds a little intimidating, but other than that it looks perfect! Wish I was there now...

Alexander Santillanes said...

Wow, that looks amazing. Makes me really want to see more of Central America. -X