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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flores, Peten, Guatemala

Flores is the capital of Peten, Guatemala. It is set on an island joining the mainland by a manmade causeway.

Flores is one of the main tourist destinations on the way to Tikal. There are lots of small hotels, hostels, and eatery places here to explore and enjoy.

There is a small island off of Flores that is home to a working museum of many different items. Old radios and some gadgets I could not figure out what they were used for. Lots of Mayan artifacts and a very interesting curator that is a whole story himself. Well worth the short lancha (boat) trip to visit and spend an enjoyable hour or two chatting away in the shade of the ceiba tree that seems to dominate the space here.


Unknown said...

The name of the island is Santa Barbara and the family who owns the island were the people who started the first radio station here in Peten - great people - did you see the photos of the owner with Charles Lindberg and his sea plane in the lake?

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Flores Tikal Hostel
BACKPACKER Bed & Breakfast
Flores Guatemala

Unknown said...

great visit, very informative, great articles, Better to see than most big museums because items are closer.
Cool Beans good food and cold beer
Mayab Hotel nice location and staff great
Bill & Susan, in Flores now but soon back to Canada

Anonymous said...

The gentleman Juan that owns the
" Museo" gives a one on one tour of his museum then offers you a cold coconut to drink ! I told him I collect License plates and he invited me into the private radio station to show me his fathers 1972
BMW motorcycle. He presented me with the original license from the BMW ( first BMW bike in Guatemala)
What an honor !! What a day !!