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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday, March 9, 2007

Trails, Dikes, and Lakes

Pitt Polder on a bad day is good. The Polder on a good day is the epitome of natures poetry.

Part of the Trans Canada Trail follows along one of the dikes. If you've never heard of the trail, it's a very impressive project. The idea is to have an 18,000 km trail across Canada through every province and territory. That's a lot of kilometers! Longest of it's kind in the world when completed. Wonder if you will be able to see it from a satellite.

An interesting thing I found out the other day. Pitt Lake, which is part of the whole Pitt Polder system, is tidal. Yup, I never knew a lake could have tides. It's also the largest lake in the world that's tidal. Okay why don't we know these things? It's not a fact that could change the world, knowing this couldn't help feed or clothe those that need it. It just something that you can use when playing tour guide for the out-of-towners that come and stay with you every so often. The "Wow--you are knowledgable!" factor. So I pass this along since my company for the summer has left and now there won't be anyone to wow for awhile. Except for all of those that live here that don't know this either.

I hear there is a glacier at the top end of Pitt Lake. I haven't been there yet. Another adventure for another day.