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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Terra Nova Rural Park, Richmond, BC, Canada

Terra Nova Rural Park is in Richmond, BC, Canada. Its an easy drive from Vancouver, as a matter of fact you can see the Vancouver International Airport from part of the park. Great spot to plane-watch if you like that kind thing.

There's an easy walk along the dyke, called West Dyke Trail, that separates the homes from both the Fraser River and the ocean. Some pretty amazing views when the skies are snarly, as this is a vast open space seldom seen in a city landscape.

Besides being an enjoyable stroll along the dyke with views of the airport and gulf islands, there are a lot of birds out here. And marshland. I never saw any owls which I had hoped to, but I did see eagles, and a whole flock of snow geese. Pretty amazing site. Well worth the short drive and visit for a couple hours of nature immersion.