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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday, March 23, 2007

Central City Shopping Complex, Surrey, B.C. Canada

Central City is a beautiful complex located in Surrey, B.C., Canada. Close to the Skytrain so it's an easy trip from Vancouver if you want to spend a couple hours just looking at the building.

This used to be Surrey Place Mall. The mall is still there but the name has changed. Now it's Central City Shopping Centre.

Simon Fraser University has a campus here now .. pretty fancy digs for a campus. Nice open spaces and lots of light. There's at least 3 more college campuses here as well, I lost count. Lots of learning and shopping going on together. Lattes of course, after all this is Vancouver, and what is life without the latte shop on every corner. And the busy professional types running from here to there clutching the proverbial attire of computer case and latte cup. It's just the way things are here. Not enough hands for an umbrella some days.

I think the inside is supposed to resemble the inside of a ship. Interesting concept since it rains so much in British Columbia.

Great place for photography if you like architectural lines and glass. You need a nice sunny day for those very cool looking cloud reflection shots off of the glass walls. The guards were very nice there when I asked them if I could go in and do some inside photography. Guess they aren't used to anyone asking. Thought I'd be polite.

I never found the way up to the 112 meter office tower. Saving that for a sunny day ..... took me an hour of mouth-gaping just to make it through the campus and shopping complex. And I never even had one latte.