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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday, May 17, 2013

Best Places to See in BC - Kitmat Sitka Spruce

I can't get enough of the old growth trees in 
British Columbia.
Standing at the foot of this gigantic 500 yr old 
Sitka Spruce tree in Kitimat, BC
was totally awe inspiring.
This tree is the oldest known living organism
in the Kitimat Valley.
It was registered at the largest living
sitka spruce tree in BC in 1983.
It measures 50.3 meters (165 feet -- really!) tall
and 3.4 meters in diameter.
You have to imagine what this tree has seen
and been through in it's lifetime.
The age of quiet and solitude, explorers to
British Columbia, storms and unbearable 
weather changes, then dodging the cut of chainsaws
and logging. 
The feel of the bark under you fingers is rough and
textured, weather worn and vibrant.
Full of life and living.
I can only imagine what the next 
500 years will bring her.