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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Places to See in BC - Fort St. James National Historic Site

One of the most fascinating places
I have visited recently in British Columbia
The fort was founded in 1806 by Simon Fraser,
the intrepid explorer, for the Northwest Company
which was later to become 
The Hudson's Bay Company.
Fort St. James has the largest
in Canada.
Though the tours of the site
are not operating in the winter months,
 the site itself is beyond beautiful.
Situated on the shores of Stuart Lake,
you can only imagine what the original settlers
must have thought of this paradise.
Though life would have been difficult
in this remote area, the scenery and wild life
would have well made up for it.
I spent several hours wandering
the pathways of these beautiful 
old buildings on a sunny winter day.
Visions of bygone days danced in
front of me along the pathways,
  doorways and windows
warped with time and memories.