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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Best Places to See in BC - Port Coquitlam

A nice stroll along
the dikes in Port Coquitlam
on a hot summer day is
surely a time for reflection and
contemplation. The weather is hot and sultry
here right now making the clouds heavy and
dramatic. I'm always expecting to see
a bolt or two of lightning come streaking out of
the darker grey ones.
The birds and bees sounds lazy in this weather, offering up
a few chirps and buzzes to fill in the spaces between quiet moments.

Bears are seemingly everywhere trying to stock
up on the blueberries and cherries that are ripe and
lush in the fields.

British Columbia is a true sensory delight.

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Unknown said...

Karen, another place I've never been. Even though I used to live there many years ago!
Nice to see you!

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Robin -- a beautiful location for sure. I've been remiss in posting for a bit. So glad you stopped by!