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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Best Places to See in BC - DeBoville Slough Wetlands

There's no better time to experience
British Columbia's wetlands
than on a hot summer day.
DeBoville Slough Wetlands in Port
Coquitlam is a perfect place
to inhale the sights, sounds
and smells of what summer opens
up to our senses.
No doubt it's hot in British Columbia right now.
27 C translates to 81 F.
For us British Colombian's that's a tad warmish.
The humidity makes for some dramatic
cloud formations in the afternoons.
The water becomes stiller than still making
it a better than perfect mirror.
The lazy buzz and chirp of the insects
combines with the smells of summers
ripening fruits and berries.
The hot grasses sway and rustle in the slight breezes that
caress their way through the wetlands.

Truly a rich world enfolding before us.

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Unknown said...

Karen, ah, yes! Another place I've never heard of!
You sure are good at finding them!
It made it to 34 degrees in our neck of the woods yesterday! A bit too much for me! I don't mind today being a bit cooler! A nice shower would be good!

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Robin ... DeBoville Slough Wetlands was called simply DeBoville Slough before, the new sign that's been put up for it adds the Wetlands on to the end. Fitting, too, such a gorgeous place.