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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, December 2009

Christmas is the time of year to
reflect, look back, take stock, and
do inventory on your life.
To do that, I grab my camera
and head out anywhere.
The place doesn't so much matter
as the time you spend alone there.
Eventually, the place takes over
your soul.
All the little things that bother
you are now totally inconsequential.
That's the beauty of bonding
with Mother Nature.
It's her trick of making us aware of
what is really important in life.
She makes us realize that, in the end,
our petty annoyances are just that.
There are bigger things afoot in the
world of Nature.

I have been more than privileged this
year to have experienced some of them firsthand, and
been allowed to share then with anyone
that happens to wander across
my wee part of the web.

I am deeply honored to have shared the
time with you and
for that I thank you.


Stephanie V said...

Nice reflection photo. So calm and peaceful amidst the holiday festivities.

Robin said...

It has been a pleasure sharing them with you too!