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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday, May 18, 2007

Rolley Lake Provincial Park, BC, Canada

Found this gem of a waterfall at Rolley Lake Provincial Park a few days ago when I was doing my "bonding with nature" routine.

This beauty is a quick 10 minute hike along an easy trail at the east end of the lake. You can hear it well before you see it. As waterfalls go it may not be the biggest, tallest or most spectacular in terms of amount of water dropping over hundreds of feet of drop-off.

But it is an amazing spot, you can image what it must have been like hundreds of years ago when the trees first started growing here. It was just bubbling and falling and doing whatever waterfalls do without having to "be" anything to impress anyone. And it's still doing the very same thing year after year.

I don't think the wild critters that come out of the forest to drink in the pool really judge whether this is a "10" on the waterfall scale. They appreciate it for what it is in and of itself. I wish humans were more like that.

I spent a long time looking and thinking ... and taking a few shots. My shots aren't spectacular, they won't win any big photo contests or stop the world presses because they are so impressive. But if I've captured a wee bit of the beauty, peace and just plain "being" from this gift of Mother Natures, then I think I have changed the world.

Every teensy bit helps!


Sharon said...

That is a beautiful shot; it looks so peaceful and I can just imagine the sound of the water. You've sold me - I'm going to head up there this weekend, if the weather will cooperate... Have a great Victoria Day weekend!

Sweet Girl said...

your shot is really good!

good work..

It makes me feel I am there..

Badthing1 said...

Hi Myself :)

Oooh this waterfall is simply GORGEOUS! You captured its essence perfectly. No wonder you spent a long time there thinking. I would too.

Nia here! said...

Every action we take has a ripple effect. Everything matters. I enjoyed your published picture and your thoughtful post. All the best, Nia.

Mario said...

disovering, exploring world - then showing it to other people is priceless and very important:)

it does look incredible, this place, so CLEAN and peacful...

///about a photo... you could strighten it a little bit I think

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Shantanu said...

The pics on this page are so good! I have never visited Canada, but given the large tracts of unspoilt beauty here, I wish I get some quality time to indulge myself in such beautiful locales very soon. Great blog, I love it!

Claire said...

Thia is beautiful shot!

ExtraordinaryGirl said...

Simply breathtaking!! :)

Robyn McMaster said...

I find your photographs are spectacular. Thanks, it made me feel like I want to visit B.C.

Barbara (Xerraire) said...

I can tell your boots take you to wonderful places, but your eyes capture everything in a spectacular way.

I don't know if you would be interested in joining my photosharing group, but I fell in love with your photos, and thought I could at least share the link with you.


Thanks for adding me as a friend in the blog group.


Marcia said...

Yes, tall waterfalls are wonderful, but size doesn't make a waterfall beautiful or peaceful, just more spectacular. We have a waterfall here taller than Niagra but not nearly as wide.

Your smaller waterfall, however, draws my attention, as does its surroundings. I need a passport!