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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Colony Farm Regional Park, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

I had a conversation last summer about what we would want to be remembered in life for.

You know the kind of conversation .. not sad or melancholy "at the end of life" stuff ... just one of those "what do you think is really important to pass along." Since most of us want to leave the place in better shape than we found it. Being a baby boomer, of course we were all going to completely change the whole wide world into something waaaay better. Nirvana and all that. Well, I kind of grew out of that idea pretty fast. Just look at it---geez!

I thought a lot about my answer. Not a whole lot we can do as one person to change the world. So I decided I wanted the next best thing.

I wanted to do something that would change maybe one person. One person doesn't seem a lot to influence, does it? One person to say "Hey I remember this .... 'whatever' I saw one time and it made me do 'this'."

I wanted to share what I see of the world, through photography if that was the medium I was given to work with.

I wanted to let one single person know that beauty can change your heart and your soul. It can make you stop long enough to help the person out in the parking lot that dropped their groceries rather than walk by. One person.

Beauty can make you smile at the woman in the line-up that forgot to get milk. It took her a couple minutes to run and get it. She just expected the next person in the line-up to be angry and upset. I got to read all about Brad and Jen and whomever else is in the news these days off the magazine stand. No time is ever wasted!

Then I came full circle to the end of the beginning. I realized the single person that I had changed in the world was


The Temptress said...

Ya...we can change ourselves to become a better person and people around you might get influenced and learn something from it.


Gomer & Opie said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting our blog at DogsAyeView and posting comments for us. We love your photos! Makes dogmom want to go to Canada now!

Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

sanna said...

your landscape photos are really beautiful, they make me smile...
thanks for adding me on blog catalog!

Theresa111 said...

Touche`! An excellent story.

Karen said...

I love your blog. Your photos are awesome. I was raised in Washington state and dad and I fished along rivers like you have shown.

OZGE SERRA said...