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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Western Skunk Cabbage Flower

Ran across one of these beauties on my walk the other day. It's a Western Skunk Cabbage flower. Honest. I don't make these names up.

Now, in ones or twos you can take these flowers as something incredible Mother Nature came up with. In the dozens, you just gotta know Mother Nature has a sense of humour to boot.

They smell. No getting away from it. They downright stink when you have several in one area. But they are magnificent to look at.

There are several varities of Skunk Cabbages in North America. The name remains the same, however. After I got done checking out my hiking boots to make sure it wasn't me that was wafting out that odoor, I got down and personal with one plant in particular. With the sun peeking through the morning mist and lighting up her one flower, she truly was gorgeous.

But I have to tell you, my sinuses didn't like me for a couple hours after. They downright protested at my lack of sensitivity for exposing them to yet another humourous escapade of Mother Natures. I read somewhere they actually have a bitter taste. Ya figure?!


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