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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Places to See in BC - China Beach

China Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
is a spectacular place to let the essence of West Coast
seep into your soul.
Part of the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park,
China Beach is on the west coast of southern
Vancouver Island.
I'd explored a lot of Vancouver Island in the past
but for some reason never made it to this area.
Fabulous ocean vistas with magnificent storm clouds roll past you as you
wander along the beach watching the thundering ocean waves
and inhale the scenery right out of a
fairy tale.
China Beach is a "must put on your list"
place to see.

Spend time here.
Let Mother Nature
infuse the sense of infinite time
and natural wisdom through you.
You will be forever changed.


Unknown said...

Karen, sounds like an exciting place!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Robin .. China Beach is gorgeous and very West Coast!
Hope you had a magical Christmas!