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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best Places to Visit in British Columbia, Seton Portage

British Columbia's Gold Rush era
was the time of legends, dreams
and some pretty innovative people.
Seton Portage, or Short Portage
as she was to become known, was the site
of men, women and every type of
gold mining equipment imaginable
plying their way to the gold fields.
Though documented history is rare
on the Portage, the figure of
30,000 men at a time using this
small spit of land to cross between
Anderson Lake and Seton Lake is repeated in some writings.
I can only imagine what life must have been like
in the 1800's along this gorgeous
stretch of the Douglas Trail.
The mountain scenery is spectacular, the lakes
are ephemeral.
Did the gold fevered men and women
take the time to stop and look in awe and wonder
at their surroundings? Or were they so intent
on their quest for riches that they became
impervious to their surroundings.

I do know that this area today is chock full
of incredible scenery and history. An area to come
back to over time and savor the many faces
she puts on for her visitors.

Slowly time etches away history,
but the hopes and dreams live on
in all of us.


Unknown said...

Karen, it always amazes me at just what these people went through to get to these far away places. How on earth did they move some of the equipment up there! I must have been backbreaking. Imagine if gold was worth was it is today!

Karen Cooper said...

Robin .. I have no idea how they did it, it still amazes me. Even now it is considered "remote" by our standards, imagine what it was like before roads made it accessible. Hardy stock those gold seekers!