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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stave Lake, BC, Canada

Stave Lake is a man made lake,
created in 1921 to help generate
hydroelectric power.
Its a beautiful area, full
of wilderness, forests and
You can take tours through
the Stave Falls Powerhouse.
After spending time on Alouette Lake,
I wanted to see for myself how
these lakes are connected.
There is a tunnel from the north end of
Alouette Lake that feeds into
Stave Lake
and then into the Stave Falls
From there it flows downriver
and into the
Hayward Lake Reservoir,
through the Ruskin Powerhouse,
and finally into the Fraser River.
This was a source of power for the
historic British Columbia
Electric Railway
, which
had a streetcar system (called trams)
in Vancouver.
There is so much history here that
we take for granted, or don't
pay too much attention to.
I am slowly connecting the dots
to understand how intertwined
life is here.
Everything depends
on something else.


Stephanie V said...

You've captured Stave Lake at a beautiful time. That's such a nice photo. Again, memories: my first swimming as a child was in this lake.