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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pitt River, BC, Canada

Being this close to nature never
fails to renew your inner self
and rearrange your life priorities.
Pitt River in British Columbia
is the largest tributary
of the Fraser River.
Pitt River drains
Pitt Lake, which is one
of the worlds largest
tidal lakes. You have to
plan your river cruise around the tides.
I found out that the Pitt was named
after a past prime minister of
the United Kingdom, William Pritt the Younger (1759-1806).
William was prime minister during the
French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.
I hope he would be proud to know
that such a beautiful place in the
world bears his name.
The peace and serenity that the
Pitt River evokes in us is beyond
On an early morning paddle,
with deer and bear scattered
along her shores,
birds and critters galore sharing in
her bounty and beauty,
the history of wars in a far off
land seems poignant.
I never fail to feel overawed
with Mother Nature when
I come here. I keep coming back,
she keeps letting me. I bring my
camera along, and she lets me
capture some of the most
incredible scenery. I keep thinking
it can't get any better than this,
and it does.


Unknown said...

Lovely photo. We were at Pitt not to long ago. You're right is't a beautiful place. I got a fair shot of and Osprey while there.

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Robin. Pitt is truly a special place in the world, love to see your osprey shot!!

Daisy said...

Beautiful image. You take really beautiful photos!

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Daisy!